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Friday, May 18, 2012

Cindy Sublett


My name is Cindy Sublett, and I am a stylist and co-owner of Accents Salon. I have been a licensed stylist for several years and have always worked in the Owensboro area. Doing hair has been my passion since I was young, and I love what I do. As a stylist, my education has not stopped with my licensing, and I attend several classes each year to continue my education and knowledge of hair trends and products. The Paul Mitchell Color lines are my choice for my clients. I think Paul Mitchell Color has created several excellent products that have a wide range of options and are formulated to maintain the integrity of my clients' hair. 

To help you maintain your look after you leave the salon, Accents offers several hair product lines for sale to clients. Please see our products page for more information. I personally love how Enjoy products have transformed my hair, but my recommendation to my clients are based on their hair and its specific needs. Many of the stylist at the salon have been with the salon for several years. All are licensed hair professionals with several years of experience. If you are interested in becoming a stylist at the salon, please visit our career opportunities page.

Cindy's Client Photos