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Accents Salon is proud to offer this excellent line of hair extension products!

Extension Methods:

Tape-In Method:

  • Can be strategically placed around the entire head to help fill in where hair is needed.
  • Ideal for shorter hair that is fine to medium density.
  • Hair is move up every 8-10 weeks by your stylist.


  • Not physically attached to the head.  A weft that is attached to an invisible wire that sits gently on your head.
  • Can be taken on and off as the client desires.  
  • Ideal for medium to long length. 



The cost for extensions is determined on a case by case basis. This means that we take your personal hair goals into consideration as learned about during your personal consultation. The amount of hair needed, the length desired, and the color you want will affect the price of your hair extensions.

We would love to schedule a free consultation so that 

you can achieve the hair of your dreams!



Here are a few of the salon's Halocouture clients. These are actual clients of Accents Salon.